XFINITY TV Learn Interactive Screens.    ROLE: UI, BRAND, ART DIRECTION  Designed d ual screens to work together and provide an experience to teach customers about XFINITY TV with the goal of getting them to purchase a TV package. I designed the flow of the touchscreen display and worked with photographers to produce assets that were aligned with the brand. The main challenge with designing the touchscreen display was that our primary user base had very little knowledge of working a computer. The display had to be user-friendly, capture user's attention, and get them to sign up for one of the three XFINITY TV packages being offered. 
          Interactive Display Brand Guidelines: I defined the overall look and feel of the Xfinity interactive display.
          The interactive display also housed packaging for the launch of Comcast's new service, XFINITY Home. The packaging had to be versatile to accommodate for new product launches. 
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