Maria 👋🏽

Smarter Than Soundbites
Medium Campaign

Digital Marketing Lead: Lili Barrelli
Creative direction and design: Maria Gonzalez
The challenge
There’s a lack of understanding about who Medium is, what Medium does and why it’s essential now more than ever.
The value proposition
For the restless thinkers, for the curious minds. Medium is the only place to share and support original ideas that deserve to be heard.
The message
The current media ecosystem is broken. It’s time to create a better place on the Internet to share and support the big ideas the world needs to hear, no matter who they come from.
Increase awareness of Politics content on Medium: Reaching new, high value, users with the messaging that Medium is the place to go to find new perspectives and fresh political dialogue, content that is “smarter than soundbites”.
Measure of success
Increase total time read: this meant identifying highly targeted users online who would enjoy this type of content, have a high likelihood of engaging (read the content, not just click through) and get a positive experience on the platform.
My role
Art direct the agency producing the video, and create visual system for social, email, and corresponding landing pages.
Art work I designed and/or art directed for landing pages and paid social

Overall results
Nearly 9.2k minutes spent on Medium, roughly 153 hours from users clicking through marketing efforts with direct traffic. 20% increase in new sign-ups through the politics collection.

Video results
The video ads were shown in front of 700k eyeballs. About 130k views completed and had a 21% completion rate.

Engagement on Social Media
Social media and ad traffic contributed to a third of the total traffic to the Politics Collections (about 157k views total).