Maria 👋🏽

Whirlpool Campaign

Senior Art Director: Maria Gonzalez
Senior Copywriter: Samantha Bordignon
Creative Director (Art): Jeremy Bacharach
Creative Director (Copy): Louis Calvano
VP Creative Director: Mike Frease
The challenge
In the past, the only reason people had to engage with Whirlpool was when they had a product complaint. We aimed to change the conversation and give consumers a reason and interest to engage with the brand beyond the product.
Shift the conversation away from product features and reviews and focus instead on the deeper meaning of how every chore is an act of love. We put family and care first in all visuals and language across TV, print, social, website, and smart appliances apps.

Campaign Microsite

I designed the microsite for the campaign using assets from our campaign videos and user generated content. The site encouraged visitors to contribute to the conversation by sharing their stories and perspectives on the care they give, and receive, every day. We worked with Crowdtap for UGC to build a community of 17K passionate advocates who got the conversation going by openly sharing their stories of "Every day, care" via text, images and videos.

Campaign Video

Helped with the art direction and storyboarding of the campaign anthem spot.

Connect to Care App

As part of the campaign we developed the Connect to care app to give more power to every load of laundry. Connect to Care asks consumers to donate money to Habitat for Humanity. Each time they do a load of laundry with Whirlpool Smart Appliances a small donation is made to those in need. The idea for this app was based on the fact that in America, laundry is still something not everyone can afford.

My Role: Concepting and visual design. I provided assets and branding elements to the UX designer.

Every Day Care at CES

We brought the campaign to CES to stand out amongst competitors. Our booth was warm and inviting vs cold and stark. The floor was cushy to give visitors a moment of rest from walking all day. It smelled like fresh baked cookies (we also served fresh baked cookies) reminding us of comfort and home. The lightning was gold/warm giving our eyes a moment of rest from the fluorescent lighting of all the other booths.

My role: Art director of the event space